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the beauty is in the breakdown
FST: Season of the Witch (Squall/Rinoa, FFVIII) 
4th-Aug-2012 01:32 pm
notes: x11 tracks, .zip file, plus cover art. Hosted on Mediafire, comment if you download.

I will pretty much go down with this ship, so when summonerluna and ashes_and_wings both were like, "Hey, we're doing this cool thing," I immediately jumped on board.

Naturally, the first thing I produce is a dark, sorceress-bent FST, because the reason I love these two so much is not just because they're adorable and have such promise and potential for growth and development, but that Squall, barely knowing this girl, has become so irrevocably altered by her mere presence in her life, that he will follow her anywhere, even if it's straight into hell itself. So. Yes. I know this challenge is supposed to ultimately have a happy ending, but SOMETIMES I CANNOT GIVE THAT. I promise it's coming in the fic I'm writing for this, but for now! Music! Love it, share it, enjoy it.

(Google gave me a few variants of the quote used on the cover-- I just picked one that flowed the best and went with it.)

For whereibelong823, a month-long Squall/Rinoa challenge.

1. Moontang
OC Remix variant by Bladiator.

2. Good Day
Angels and Airwaves

3. Strangeness and Charm
Florence and the Machine

4. Must Be Dreaming
Frou Frou

5. All Along the Watchtower
Bear McCreary, from "Battlestar Galactica".

6. Bohemian Rhapsody
covered by Emilie Autumn

7. Season of the Witch

8. All Around Me
Flyleaf, acoustic version

9. Break Through Time
Ana Johnsson

10. Innocent Moon
Akira Yamaoka

11. Eyes On Me
OC Remix by Children of the Monkey Machine and Dani

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