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the beauty is in the breakdown
FST: half the time the world is ending (Squall/Rinoa, FFVIII) 
8th-Aug-2012 01:46 pm
x10 .mp3 track FST; .zip includes cover art.
Notes: For whereibelong823. Love songs for the sorceress and knight.


1. Are You Satisfied? (Marina and the Diamonds)
Are you satisfied with an easy ride
Once you cross the line
Will you be satisfied?

2. Runaway (Three Doors Down)
I wanna be somewhere so far away
To lie under the night at the end of another good day
I can't tell you how long we'll be gone
But as long as we're together then forever's never too long
Too long, oh no

3. Heaven (Angels and Airwaves)
If you see the light break through the clouds
And fire up at distant towns
Well the world will begin, exactly how it ends
When you call for love, when you are lost
For evermore or whatever it costs
And the world will begin, exactly how it ends

4. I Love You (The Dandy Warhols)
You make me feel really unsure,
But that should just make you feel secure.

5. Hayling (FC Kahuna)
Don't think about all those things you fear,
just be glad to be here.

6. The Dumbing Down of Love (Frou Frou)
Cos no-one's receiving
This tunnel vision
Is turning out all wrong

7. Eden (Sarah Brightman)
Did you ever think of me,
As your best friend
Did I ever think of you,
I'm not complaining

8. What the Water Gave Me (Florence + The Machine)
Time it took us
To where the water was
That’s what the water gave me
And time goes quicker
Between the two of us
Oh, my love, don’t forsake me
Take what the water gave me

9. Say When (The Fray)

Maybe god can be on both sides of the gun
Never gone, understood why
Some of us never get it so good, so good
Some of this was here before us
All of this will go after us
It never stops until we give in, give in, say when

10. Love Remains the Same (Gavin Rossdale)
A thousand times I’ve seen you standing
Gravity like a lunar landing
Make me want to run till I find you
I shut the world away from here
Drift to you, you’re all I hear
Everything we know fades to black
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